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Hearts of Valor Retreat 2018

Caregiver Support

Hearts of Valor is a network of people caring for wounded, ill or injured service members and veterans, created and maintained by Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront seeks to support these caregivers in their own journeys of healing by facilitating online groups that provide social connection to other caregivers in similar situations, fostering support groups by location to encourage resource sharing and friendships, and sponsoring annual retreats to provide education on relevant issues.


All members of the Hearts of Valor program must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a caregiver of a wounded, ill, or injured service member or veteran
  • The service member or veteran must have time served after 9/11/2001
  • The service member or veteran’s wound, illness, or injury occurred after 9/11/2001
  • The caregiver must provide support documentation that details time in service and wounds, illnesses, or injuries


  • Retreats

Each year, Hearts of Valor hosts educational and respite retreats across the United States. The retreats provide caregivers with opportunities to share their stories, network, and connect with other caregivers who are in similar situations. They are offered at no cost to members of the program.

  • Support groups

Hearts of Valor hosts in-person support groups in many locations around the United States. The support groups are led by caregivers in the Hearts of Valor program who are willing to serve as peer facilitators. The goal of every group is to improve the lives of those who are caring for wounded warriors.

  • Facebook

The Hearts of Valor public-facing Facebook page can be found at Here, we share news articles and success stories that are relevant to the lives of caregivers and their wounded warriors. We also offer private Facebook groups for the registered members of our program. Caregivers may utilize these groups to share resources and build communities.

  • Newsletters

The program offers electronic newsletters that contain information pertaining to upcoming events, contests, success stories, and legislature that impacts caregivers and wounded warriors.

Hearts of Valor

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