Help Medically Retired Army Veteran with Utility Bills

You can support this medically retired Army veteran who is struggling to cover her utility bills due to unexpected health issues. Unfortunately, she lost her job and started a new one but she was unable to use Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or any benefits as a means of compensation for her absence. As a result, she is struggling to make ends meet and is at risk of having her utilities disconnected. This veteran has bravely served our country and has sacrificed so much in the line of duty. It is deeply unfortunate that she is now facing financial hardship due to circumstances beyond her control. By donating to this cause, we can help alleviate her financial burden and ensure that she is able to pay her utility bills on time and stay connected to essential services like electricity and heating. Let us come together to support this brave individual who has given so much to our country. By standing with her in this time of need, we can show our appreciation for her service and make a positive impact in her life.