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His Secret? A Positive State of Mind

In the tradition of many of our Military Child of the Year recipients, Keegan Fike makes time to make a difference. It would be easy to label Keegan, who plans to pursue a career in the field of mathematics and is a member of the National Honor Society, as a consummate scholar. But his analytical … Continued

Love of Country

Through three military permanent change of station relocations and 32 months of her father’s deployments, Madeleine Morlino has lived a life of giving back to the country and to the community, consistent with the foundational values and love of country upon which she was raised. Madeleine was adopted from China when she was 11 months … Continued

Seeing the Bright Side

Christian Fagala was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2. He would beat cancer – knocking out the disease with a combination of faith and a determination to see the bright side of things. Chemotherapy didn’t just present physical challenges to Christian, but also cognitive ones. Despite having a harder time learning due to … Continued

Guided by Faith

John “Trip” Landon III has touched many lives throughout his lifelong walk of faith. “Faith,” as he explained, “the root of all of my other traits.” It has served Trip well. Guided by divine teachings, he has excelled in academics, sports, Scouting, the arts, and faith-based service to his community. In fact, Trip’s favorite quote … Continued

Holding Fast to a Promise

The day before Jeffrey Burds’ mother passed away from colon cancer, she told him, “Do great things in life.” Jeffrey was nine years old, and he took to those words to heart, devoting his life to making a difference in the lives of others. Now 17, Jeffrey has distinguished himself with his leadership and through … Continued

An Agent for Change

Along with our spotlight series on our 2016 Military Child of the Year Award recipients, we also want to shine a light on our first ever recipient of the Operation Homefront-Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Award for Military Children. Via our partner Booz Allen Hamilton: On March 21, Operation Homefront and Booz Allen announced that Elizabeth … Continued

One Huge Heart

Ten-year-old Lorelei McIntyre-Brewer has already faced more than most of us will in our lifetime. Lorelei was born missing half of her heart, for which there is no cure, and her twin brother, Rory, passed away before the two were able to meet.  She underwent open heart surgery shortly after her birth at the Children’s … Continued

5 Reasons Military Kids Deserve Attention in April

When we view a photo of a military family, we tend to focus on the service member. That intense gaze. The confident stance. We wonder what obstacles they faced as they guarded our country’s freedom. We want  to know their story. The photo here isn’t the classic image of the warrior.  This photo is about … Continued

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