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Family Story

Military Family Grateful for Star-Spangled Babies

By Operation Homefront

April 20, 2021

Military Family Grateful for Drive-Thru Star-Spangled Babies Event to Help During COVID-19 Pandemic

Christina and her husband, Shane, lead very busy lives. Along with managing their kids’ everyday activities, the couple owns two businesses – a martial arts studio and a hobby toy shop. Shane also has a position in the Army that includes both active duty and reserve work.

When COVID-19 caused the shut-down of businesses throughout the country, Christina and her husband felt the blow at both of their businesses. Plus, Shane was coming off another period of active duty and transitioning, which meant fluctuations in funds. All of this occurring as the couple was expecting their fourth child. When Christina saw online that Operation Homefront was hosting a Star-Spangled Babies event in the families Colorado Springs, Colorado area, she was eager to register.

Christina said the event was “a huge blessing.”

She was among 100 moms and expectant parents served at the September 2020, event. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, volunteers and staff organized a drive-thru event where families picked up the varied offerings that included diapers, wipes, toys, blankets, and other essential baby items.

“I thought it was very nice how they planned everything,” she said. “They had games and social activities the week before online, and we kept in contact with everyone that way.”

Their baby, Isla, is now four months old and just barely fitting into her Operation Homefront onesie. Christina said programs that focus on military families make help everyone feel special, especially the kids. She has taken hers to Operation Homefront’s Back-to-School Brigade and the family has participated in Holiday Meals for Military.

“As a military spouse I’m grateful to those that donate to programs like this because they are so important for our military families,” she said. “It just really helps make the burden lighter for what military families have to go through.”

Our Recurring Family Support programs, like Star-Spangled Babies, are one of the many ways Operation Homefront helps our military families so they can start strong and stay strong throughout the year.

Operation Homefront launched ‘Start Strong, Stay Strong,’ a national brand campaign in March 2021. The initiative brings much-needed attention to the dedicated service of our military families and the support that Americans can provide to build the stability, connections and comfort these families deserve to start strong in their communities and stay strong throughout their journeys. #StartStrongStayStrong. Find out more at

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