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Family Story

Veteran Turns to Operation Homefront for Repair

By Operation Homefront

February 26, 2024

Army Veteran Turns to Operation Homefront for Septic Tank Repair

Kristopher Williams was a nursing major in college when his son was born with Marfan syndrome, a genetic condition that affects connective tissue.

With his son sick, Kristopher took a break from college. During that time, he got to know his son’s nurse, a corpsman.  

“He took care of my son like he was his own son,” Kristopher said.  

The nurse inspired him to join the military, as well, and Kristopher enlisted in the Army in 2007 to be an airborne medic. He deployed twice to Afghanistan, the first time in 2009 and the second in 2012. He sustained injuries during his eight years of service and received an honorable discharge in 2015. He is now 100 percent disabled, and his wife, Jamey, is his caregiver. 

“I’m just so grateful for everything that Operation Homefront and the donors have done.” – Kristopher Williams, Army veteran

Kristopher and Jamey have been married for six years and have one child living with them full-time, and Kristopher has two sons from a previous relationship. 

After struggling with PTSD and even experiencing homelessness as he transitioned to civilian life, he has found stability. 

He and Jamey moved to Georgia to be closer to family, and he started an apparel business called Felis Leo Apparel to help other veterans. He is also part of Dog Tag Inc., a Georgetown University program for veteran entrepreneurs.  

In 2020, Kristopher and Jamey bought a home.  

“Everything was supposed to be fine, we were doing it right, saving up, got our inspection,” Kristopher said.  

However, after a significant rainfall, the top of the septic tank collapsed. Neither their insurance company nor the home warranty would cover the repairs. They were at a loss.  

“We had some savings, but we didn’t have 9,000 dollars to put into a septic system,” Kristopher said.  

The Williams family found relief through Operation Homefront’s Critical Financial Assistance program. The nonprofit’s program is designed to provide short-term financial help for military families who, like Kristopher’s, are facing financial hardship. 

Thanks to Operation Homefront and its generous donors, the Williams family was able to fund the $9,025 septic tank repair.  

“It was just a big mess, but Operation Homefront said, ‘It’s going to OK, we got this,’” Kristopher said. “And they did. I’m just so grateful for everything that Operation Homefront and its donors have done.”

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