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The Magnificent Seven in the Spotlight

Last week, Operation Homefront hosted our 2019 Military Child of the Year® recipients, our Magnificent Seven, and their families in Washington, D.C. for a three-day celebration.  Let’s take a look at their activity packed time in our Nation’s capital. But before we do, it bears repeating how incredible these kids are! This year’s seven honorees … Continued

“My dad taught me how to be a warrior.”

Elisabeth Lundgren was selling Girl Scout cookies when she suffered her first injury. She was already experiencing mysterious pain in her leg, but it was when she bent down to grab a box that the pain sharpened. Her knee gave out. Elisabeth underwent surgery for a bucket handle meniscus tear in her knee. That type of cartilage … Continued

Long-Distance Leadership Motivates National Guard Teen

Maryland high school senior Campbell Miller had just started his Eagle Scout project to improve the school’s track for the cross country team when he got the news. His mom, National Guard Col. Allison Miller, had a new assignment. The family would be moving to Ohio. It was the third time moving in high school. And while Campbell always looked on the bright side of moving, he did not want to … Continued

Marine Corps Teen On Tenacious Quest To Spread Kindness

When 13-year-old Jaxson Jordan found out that he had been named the 2019 Marine Corps Military Child of the Year® he got a coveted prize—his older brother’s favorite Operation Homefront hoodie given to recipients five years earlier when he also won the award. “It’s time for me to welcome you into the MCOY family,” Jaxson said his brother Michael-Logan told … Continued

Six Military Life Lessons From A Determined Coast Guard Teen

Children who have a military parent are often wise beyond their years. Many learn from a young age to be independent and resourceful because of their experiences moving around the world and living in different cultures, combined with the increased responsibilities they must assume when their parent is deployed. Kylie McGuire, the 2019 Coast Guard Military Child of the Year® Award recipient, is a good example of how belonging … Continued

Award-Winning Army Teen Embraces Many Roles, In Life and On Stage

Elisabeth McCallum Polleys’ passion for acting has exposed her to diverse roles, giving her insight into different eras, ways of thinking, and styles of interacting. Her love for theater is among the many facets of Elisabeth’s life that have made her an informed, well-rounded person, attributes that helped her become the 2019 Army Military Child … Continued

Military Teen Emerges Victorious, Like Butterflies He Helps Save.

Benjamin Rawald can’t decide which is the greater benefit of receiving the 2019 Air Force Military Child of the Year® Award – the scholarship that will help him and his family pay for college or the attention he might garner for one of his favorite conservation concerns, saving monarch butterflies. Both are excellent perks, says Benjamin, 17, who felt “shock, disbelief and then relief” when he found out he would receive the prestigious award. “As the … Continued

“What will my life look like next year?” Military Child Award Winner wonders

When Air Force son Brandon Mammano encounters tough times, including the many challenges of moving eight times in his 18 years, three sources of strength see him through: God, his parents and music. The 2019 Military Child of the Year® Innovation Award recipient has learned to successfully balance out hardships with good times and seeks to help other students do the same. Brandon received … Continued

A Heartwarming Homecoming in Texas

Ravin Woodard stood at the corner of the kitchen island and took a quiet moment to herself among the hustle and bustle surrounding her. Her smile never wavered as she looked around the newly-built, three-bedroom, two-bath house. For Ravin, everything felt a bit unreal. “It’s overwhelming. It’s like, it feels like it’s mine but at … Continued

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