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Family Story

Veteran Finds Relief During Rehabilitation

By Operation Homefront

March 20, 2020

Marine Veteran Finds Relief during Brain Injury Rehabilitation

When Valentin Suhanov came to America from Russia, he could have chosen any career he wanted. However, he decided that he would keep with the tradition of his family by serving in the military and after talking to recruiters, chose the Marine Corps, joining in 2015.

His military career was cut short due to ongoing issues with epilepsy and a traumatic brain injury, which resulted in his medical retirement after four years. He and his father, who is also his caregiver, were living at Walter Reed for rehabilitation and surgeries. Valentin knew that their time at Walter Reed would be limited, and that they would need to find a new place to live.

He had heard about Operation Homefront’s Transitional Housing Villages (Villages) program during rehabilitation period and moved into the Maryland Village in May 2019.  At Operation Homefront’s three Transitional Housing Villages – in San Antonio, San Diego, and Gaithersburg, Maryland – service members and their families participate in support groups and workshops, and receive individualized financial counseling to ensure their success as they move forward. Families do not pay rent or utilities on their furnished apartments, allowing them to reduce debts and bolster savings.  

Valentin and his father were able to move into the Maryland Village in May 2019, giving the two more space and comfort while Valentin continued his rehabilitation and surgeries. He was able to leave the program less than a year later, feeling more stable and secure. He and his father are now back at their home in North Carolina.

“Thanks to Operation Homefront we were able to finish my rehabilitation and go back home,” Valentin said. “It really means a lot to me and to my family and I can’t thank you enough and all the donors I want to say a big thanks!”

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