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Donate for Urgent Needs

Donate for urgent needs today. Your generous support will make it possible for military families to thrive—not simply struggle to get by—in the communities that they’ve worked so hard to protect. Please see the list of urgent and ongoing needs below. We appreciate your generosity.

  • Arizona

    Air National Guardsman Struggles After Stroke

    Your donation today is urgently needed to help keep this military family in their home. After passing out during drill due to what doctors believe was a stroke, this Air National Guardsman and single mom of four was put on medical leave, resulting in lost income. Because doctors haven't reached a diagnosis, a VA claim cannot be filed, and the Guardsman continues to get further behind on her mortgage. Your generosity today will make a huge difference in the lives of this family.
    $3,150 still needed
  • Ohio

    Caregiving Army Veteran Looking for Help

    An army veteran is in need of assistance with his rent payment due to becoming the primary caregiver to his two brothers following the death of their parents. One brother is disabled, can't live on his own, and needs medicine that needs to be refilled every 10 days. This veteran also helped with his uncle's funeral and paid for transportation and food for the guests. He is overwhelmed with grief, bills, and needs a helping hand to get back on his feet.
    $1,044 still needed
  • Texas

    Dental Surgery Puts Strain on Active Soldier

    While bravely serving in the army, this resilient soldier now finds themselves navigating the challenging terrain of job hunting. Compounding the difficulties is the financial strain caused by unexpected dental surgery, where the soldier had to bear the burden of out-of-pocket costs. Despite the challenges, their unwavering determination and commitment his spouse securing a civilian career reflect the same dedication that characterized their military service.
    $325 still needed
  • Ongoing Need

    Help Feed a Military Family

    We assist struggling military families by providing food boxes, grocery gift certificates, or vouchers to the commissary. Each family is provided enough food for a week while case workers help them find long-term solutions. Your $25 gift can give a hot meal to a military family.
  • California

    Finance Office Delay Prevents Receipt of Benefits

    Backlogs in processing paperwork at the Defense finance office has delayed the office from creating the retirement account for this Navy sailor. It has been several months, and the delay is now creating a situation where a smooth transition has become more challenging due to the financial strain from being unable to receive her benefits, benefits she earned in a career of service to our country. We are asking for a gift to help with housing and utility expenses to give her the stability she needs at this critical time.
    $2,002 still needed
  • Texas

    Former Sailor Relocating After Loss of Mother

    This veteran sailor is relocating to a new state following the passing of his mother and needs your help. Your gift will provide critical travel and transportation coverage for this family during their time of grief. Consider providing some peace to this retired sailor today.
    $345 still needed
  • Massachusetts

    Homeless, Veteran Family Needs Help to Move On

    Donating to a homeless army veteran family in need of financial assistance is a powerful way to help them embark on a fresh start. Unable to continue paying for the hotel they currently reside in, your contribution can provide the crucial resources they require to secure stable housing, employment, and a brighter future. By supporting these heroes who have sacrificed for our nation, you can make a significant impact in helping them regain their independence and build a stable, secure life.
    $1,450 still needed
  • Ongoing Need

    Rent & Mortgage

    Many military families have faced eviction or foreclosure due to unexpected changes that affect their finances. Transitioning wounded service members may see a pay decrease once their military pay stops and their disability benefits begin. Help families keep a roof over their heads.
  • Arizona

    Job Loss Leads to Financial Insecurity for Army Family

    Between this veteran losing work due to covid, and his spouse getting laid off from her teaching job, this Army family has had a difficult time making their mortgage and auto payments on time. Although the veteran has found new work, they are still having a difficult time getting up to date on payments. With a baby on the way, it is important we support this family as they work toward stability. Please help us provide relief with recent mortgage and auto payments.
    $2,553 still needed
  • California

    Navy Sailor in Renal Failure Needs Help

    A veteran navy sailor who was diagnosed with stage 3 renal failure needs your help with their rent payment to maintain his current living conditions. There is concern that if this veteran were to lose his housing and care is not addressed, it will lead to him needing dialysis. You can give the gift of healing to this veteran today.
    $418 still needed
  • Georgia

    Recent Surgery Leaves Veteran Seeking Help

    A dedicated veteran, recently recovering from surgery, finds herself grappling with unexpected financial challenges as she copes with unemployment resulting from the very injury she sought to repair. Struggling to make ends meet, she is now seeking assistance to meet her auto insurance payments, recognizing the vital role it plays in maintaining her mobility and independence. In the face of adversity, this resilient veteran is reaching out for support, exemplifying the strength and determination that define her character.
    $124 still needed
  • Ongoing Need

    Help Keep Essential Vehicle Rolling

    Getting around is hard when your car is being repaired, but imagine trying to get around with a significant injury and add 2-3 medical appointments a day. Some wounded service members do not have enough money to fix their vehicles. Your donations can help heroes with much-needed repairs.
  • Florida

    Small Navy Family Navigating Medical Trial and Error

    An active Navy sailor, devoted to serving their country, finds themselves in a challenging situation as they seek food assistance while caring for a medically complex child who has recently started school. Balancing the demands of military service with the unique needs of their child, the family has encountered financial strain due to the necessity of purchasing multiple school supplies to determine which ones best support their child's educational journey. The ongoing trial and error process has added an additional layer of difficulty, as they grapple with the inability to return unused supplies, highlighting the complex realities faced by military families navigating both professional and personal responsibilities.
    $450 still needed
  • Texas

    Space Force Sergeant’s Family In Need

    This currently deployed space force sergeant is seeking support for his family back home who have been struggling due to previous moving expenses that kept piling up. As this family is missing their husband and father, your gift could provide them with the stability they are needing in this time of uncertainty.
    $2,485 still needed
  • Florida

    Veteran Tries to Move Closer to Son

    Your support today can help this Army veteran who is need of rent assistance. An accidental grease fire resulted in $5,000 worth of damages that the veteran is responsible for, all while he was preparing to move closer to his son and family in another state. Cost after cost from the fire and travel expenses built up and has left him struggling to pay rent for his new apartment. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and provide the support this veteran needs during this difficult time, just as he was there during our country's time of need.
    $925 still needed
  • Ongoing Need

    Pay the Electric Bill of a Military Family

    Your donation of just $200 could provide power for a month to a military family in need or ensure that power is kept on for wounded warriors who need medical equipment for survival.

We depend on your generosity to fulfill our important mission of building strong, stable, and secure military families. We aim to be the provider of choice for veterans and military families when their critical needs arise. The only way we can accomplish this is with your help. In addition to donating for urgent needs, we offer several ways to give in support of our military families

Your Donation will be designated for the urgent need you selected. If the need(s) has already been met, your donation will be used to support other Operation Homefront programs serving America’s military families.

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