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Family Story

Single Mom Receives Help with Rent and Groceries

By Operation Homefront

June 1, 2020

Operation Homefront Helps Single Mom Pay Rent, Buy Groceries

Army Reserve Sgt. 1st Class Kiaveth Vasquez describes her childhood as traumatic. A contentious split between her parents resulted in Kiaveth and her two younger brothers being taken from her father’s house in the U.S. to Central America, where they lived with his mother. Kiaveth said she and her brothers were emotionally and physically abused by her parents and grandmother. As each sibling turned 18, they ran away and came back to America, having to prove their citizenship.

In 2006, recalling the commercials for the U.S. military that she saw on television as a child, she joined the Army. She served until 2015 when she had her daughter. She is currently in the Army Reserve. Kiaveth has deployed three times to Iraq, the most recent in 2016-2017. One of her brothers also joined the Army and is stationed in Germany.

Now, twice divorced and a single mom of two, Kiaveth works as a motivational speaker, a trainer and fitness instructor at a gym, along with being in the Reserve.

Kiaveth lost her job at the gym when COVID-19 caused businesses to close. Her work in the Army Reserve also stopped. Kiaveth had to use what she had in her savings but as months went by, she fell behind on her rent. A single mom of two, she worried about getting evicted once protections were lifted.

Her leadership sent her an email with resources for support, including Operation Homefront. Kiaveth applied for help through the Critical Financial Assistance (CFA) program. Thanks to generous support from donors, such as The Bob Hope Foundation and The Home Depot Foundation, Kiaveth was able to pay $1,555 toward her rent and groceries.

“I cried the day I got approved and the day they told me the rent was going to get paid,” Kiaveth said. “I probably would have gotten a notice of eviction. I did not have the money. I am so grateful to Operation Homefront. The (donors) have no idea the impact that they have made in my children’s life and my life. Thank you, thank you so much. God bless you, you helped me give my children a better future and prevent them for suffering.”

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