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Seven Amazing Military Children Go To Washington!

Last week, Operation Homefront hosted an activity-packed three-day celebration to honor our stellar Military Child of the Year Award® recipients.  And what an amazing three days it was! The 10th annual Military Child of the Year festivities kicked off Tuesday with our BAH Innovation Award recipient, Shelby Barber from Hawaii, touring the Innovation Center at … Continued

Life Outside the Comfort Zone

Fifteen-year-old Marine Corps Military Child of the Year® Award recipient Joshua Frawley likes to challenge himself, especially when doing so means others will benefit. Joshua has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. People with Asperger’s often have difficulty with social interactions or need strict routines to thrive. All challenges that could have been overwhelming … Continued

Air Force Teen Aims for the Sky, Yet Stays Grounded

As an Air Force child living in Europe for over a decade, Eve Glenn gained an appreciation for other cultures, people from diverse backgrounds, the importance of serving others around the globe, and … garlic mayonnaise? All her hard work putting others before herself, and studying science, technology, engineering and math must make her hungry. … Continued

Trial By Fire

Rebekah Paxton was forced to grow up quickly. Our 2018 Army Military Child of the Year® Award recipient, Rebekah was confronted first-hand with the wounds of war when her father was injured as a combat medic in the 82nd Airborne Division. He served 19 years and, now medically retired, suffers from PTSD and traumatic brain … Continued

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