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Permanent Homes for Veterans

Since the program began in 2012, more than 700 veterans have entered the Permanent Homes for Veterans (PHV) program. The PHV program provides veterans with the opportunity to move into an Operation Homefront home and work directly with caseworkers and other financial counselors to learn and plan for home ownership.

The Permanent Homes for Veterans program is an initiative designed to provide housing for veterans looking for stable, long-term solutions. The program accepts honorably discharged or retired veterans, as well as service members currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves. The program recognizes the need for safe and affordable housing for veterans who have served their country and works to provide them with the support and resources they need to succeed.

The program is unique in that it offers a mortgage-free home to the veteran after the successful completion of the program.

Through the Permanent Homes for Veterans program, veterans are given access to a range of resources and services designed to help them succeed in their new homes. By providing mortgage-free homes and a range of supportive services, the program works to ensure that veterans have access to the resources they need to build stable, fulfilling lives after their service to their country.

Permanent Homes for Veterans Program:

  • Best for

    Honorably discharged veterans or retirees.

  • 2 years

    Mortgage-free housing assistance for veterans.

  • One-on-one

    Financial counseling to reduce debt and build savings.

$104 million

deeded in home equity since 2012.

720 families

graduated from the program since 2012.


Honorably discharged veterans, retirees or Reservists and National Guard that are currently serving can apply for a home through the Permanent Homes for Veterans program. All veterans that served honorably are eligible to apply, no matter what era they served (Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, OEF, OIF).

Veterans do not have to be injured or have a deployment to apply. Surviving spouses of service members killed in combat or while deployed in the combat theater of operations and are not remarried or engaged to be married may also apply.


The selection committee does consider income and expenses. Though these are mortgage-free homes, the family should expect to cover expenses that are common to home ownership such as paying the property taxes, insurance, warranty, HOA fees (if applicable) and $100 per month toward closing costs. Savings is required. The recipient will need to pay a $500 deposit, moving expenses, utility service costs, etc. The recipient should have community ties to the area where the home is located. For example, is there family nearby? Friends? Stationed there before? From that area? Is there a school or VA with programs for the veteran and/or family? Are there potential job opportunities? Please indicate on your application the reason for wanting to live in that specific area.


For the veteran housing application, please allow 10-12 weeks for applications to be processed. During that time, applicants may be contacted if documents or additional information is needed to complete the application. Viable applicants will be presented to the selection committee. Once presented, please allow one to four weeks for a decision. After a decision has been made, only the veteran matched will be contacted.

Once a veteran looking for housing is matched to a home, they begin the two-year program. Every three months, the family will meet with an Operation Homefront case worker to ensure that they are building up their savings, learning how to budget for home repairs and routine maintenance, integrating into the community and school system, and other important home ownership criteria.


The homes are donated to our program. Operation Homefront does not have any say of when, where, or how often we receive the homes. However, we do get homes all over the United States. Check the My Operation Homefront website for any new homes open for application. Operation Homefront researches the crime rates and evaluates the school districts in the area before accepting homes into our program.


Most of the mortgage-free homes donated to Operation Homefront are bank-owned properties. The donors of the home complete basic renovations to address any function or safety concerns. However, we receive new construction home donations as well. The home recipients will be responsible for basic home repairs that may arise while living in the home. Housing case workers will help guide home recipients during their time in the program on maintaining and addressing home repair issues. It is the responsibility of the home recipients to take the initiative and to ensure the home is well maintained and to demonstrate they are prepared for home ownership.


In order to apply for a home, you will need to create an account or have an existing account with Operation Homefront. Once you click the “Apply Now” button below you will be taken to My Operation Homefront to create an account or log in. From there you will be able to view current homes and apply from your Dashboard.

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